3rd IAO Meeting

3rd IAO Meeting

International Academy of Orthokeratology Asia (IAOA) is honored to host and invite you to the 3rd Congress of International Academy of Orthokeratology (CIAO 2014 or CIAO III) in Shanghai, China, March 27th to 30th 2014.

The CIAO 2014 will highlight cutting-edge advances in all major disciplines of orthokeratology and specialty contact lenses. This event will feature recent updates from leading clinical and academic experts in the field, in the form of lectures and posters. The CIAO 2014 will be unique in promoting the clinical application of state-of-the-art orthokeratology and specialty contact lens, combining basic research in contact lenses with patient care. A number of distinguished speakers will be invited to deliver keynote lectures at the conference. It will provide a venue for leading researchers, clinicians, lens designers and other associated professionals to present and exchange the latest important developments in this field. An outstanding scientific program combined with a great social program will make CIAO 2014 a unique opportunity for all participants.

The CIAO 2014 will also provide a forum for in-depth assessment of the challenges involved in the dynamic and fast moving fields of orthokeratology and specialty contact lenses. IAOA training and exhibition of orthokeratology and contact lenses are also available at the conference.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your basic research, clinical findings and practice in various fields, covering both pre-clinical and clinical research.

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